• My wife and I did a ten day ride through the mountains of Ladakh. We needed a type of food that would sustain us and also provide us with a balanced amount of nutrition as the lowest altitude we would be cycling at would be 13,250 feet.A colleague of mine told me about R.A.W.
    We were very pleased with the results. The taste was better than anything I have used before. It was natural and the energy was released slowly and we could ride longer before breaks. The packaging was good and the product was compact and not heavy to carry.
    The only downside which I could come up with (and this is me nitpicking) was that the product was dry, and high at altitude was a little difficult to swallow. But this was nothing a bottle of water could not solve In between bites. All in all, very impressive and I have already started recommending R.A.W to all my friends even if they are doing a normal road trip. I even have a few that I have given my dad and father in law for their long commute to work daily. They both liked it a lot too. Keep up the great work and all the best.

    Anderson Dharmaraj

  • Hungry Kya.. not for me…. After a month of using these bars and with
    moderate exercise, I was lighter by 5kgs and my blood results were
            normal. This is simply perfect for my ever hungry stomach..

    S J